About Us

Our gym was co-founded by former professional UFC fighter Tyson Griffin, who has been featured in video games and DVDs and who has fought numerous world champions. He’s just come out of retirement too, so he’s currently looking to share all his hard won knowledge with his students.

World Class Fighters & Coaches

Students who attend the gym will also have the opportunity to train with other world-class fighters including Judo master Fabricio Guerreiro, Gracie trained BJJ back belt Igor Estrella and 2014 assistant wrestling coach of the year, Jason Griffin.

Fabricio is also a professional mixed martial artist with a record of 20 wins and 3 losses with 1 no contest and 5 amateur victories. He has been training since the age of 10 and is still fighting professionally. Igor Estrella is a 36 time MMA/BJJ champion who earned his black belt from Gracie Humaita and his Masters from Royal Gracie, Rolker Gracie, and Andre “Negao” Lemos in Rio De Janeiro Brazil.

Here at Performance Fitness MMA we strive to teach martial arts as a form of self defense, to build confidence and reach fitness goals.

Fun Training Environment

All our classes are taught in a fun and friendly manner and we have a great upbeat environment in our classes. That’s pretty easy though, because actually learning martial arts is a ton of fun. Sparring with partners is surprisingly thrilling while also actually being a great laugh too. We offer classes for boxing, kick boxing, wrestling, Brazilian ju-jitsu, judo as well as fitness and nutritional based training!

Strong Sense of Community

We’re already proud to be developing a fantastic community around our facility. We train everyone all under the same roof and that creates a lot of opportunity to chat to people with shared interests and to get advice and support from those who’ve been fighting a little longer. This is a great place to make friends and to learn how to kick-ass.