Group Fitness Classes

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Group fitness provides a fun and social way to stay fit, sharp, and active. Group fitness classes allow those of all skill levels to work alongside one another, helping to motivate one another, stay committed, and work together on a common goal of physical and mental fitness.

A variety of group fitness classes allow you to try out a new class or mix and match, taking various classes each time you come to the gym. Whether you are interested in improving flexibility, strength training, shredding calories, or all of these, there is a group fitness class to meet your goals.

Our Group Fitness Classes

We support the East Bay community with group fitness classes for all ages. Our professional and experienced instructors provide attention to each student in the class to ensure proper technique, form, and conditioning are met. Group fitness instructors ensure that each class is fun, energizing, and an effective practice.

Join any of our group fitness classes including:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

Practice discipline, use your body as a unit, and improve your mental toughness while experiencing gains in flexibility, fitness, strength and conditioning. These classes will not only greatly improve your body but also your ability to learn and focus on goals to their completion.


Mix up your exercise routine or improve your boxing and standup technique for competition with these calorie-shredding training sessions taught by experienced trainers and former pro-fighters.


Exhilarating 1-hour calorie burning workouts featuring intense cardio focus and kickboxing instruction for all ages and skill-levels (adult and kids kickboxing). Ideal for improving mobility, technique, strength and conditioning.

Strength and Conditioning

Specialized exercises that target different muscle groups while building your stamina and giving you an exhilarating full-body workout.


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