Kids Kickboxing

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Kids kickboxing is a fun and social discipline where kids learn self-defense techniques and self-control, keeping them sharp, active, and aware. They will improve their flexibility, better understand their own bodies, and learn to work with others. Kickboxing increases mental awareness and sharpness as well as whole-body awareness and strength. Kids taking our program will learn self-discipline and motivation while also having a great time with friends.

Our Kids Kickboxing Classes and Program

We support the East Bay community with a kids kickboxing program for ages 4-13. Our 1-hour kids kickboxing classes are ideal for improving mobility, technique, strength, and conditioning. After stretching and warming up, a motivating martial arts instructor will guide students on multiple punching and kicking techniques using drills such as shadow boxing, bag drills, and pad drills.

Our professional and experienced instructors provide attention to each student in the class to ensure proper technique, form, and conditioning are met. Our kids kickboxing instructors ensure that each class is fun, safe, and educational. Instructors create a safe environment where trust and communication are formed between all participants.

Kids are encouraged to attend as many classes as they wish, but there is no minimum class requirement for the program. The more regularly a student attends, the more quickly he or she will improve their discipline and build on what they have learned.

What to Bring

We provide all gear necessary: hand wraps and boxing gloves. Students will attend classes with bare feet.


Students will attend classes with bare feet and are required to have hand wraps and boxing gloves.

We encourage all parents to let their children try their first Kids Kickboxing class FREE. For more info or to book your FIRST FREE KID’S KICKBOXING CLASS please click here.