Meet The Team

Jeffrey Piano is a certified personal trainer who has created Ohana Strength and Conditioning. Through his dedication to knowledge on the bodies ability to achieve more then most believe, he helps people reach goals and push beyond what they imagine. He is in the gym every evening doing 1 on 1 personal training, and group sessions.
Tyson Griffin

Tyson Griffin is Bay Area Native born April 20th 1984. Tyson grew up with 2 brothers. One on one competition was a constant practice, and sports were a big part of his life. Tyson attended Albany School Systems his entire educational career.

Caio Terra Associations are dedicated to spreading Professor's unique brand of Jiu Jitsu. The same Jiu Jitsu that earned him 11 world championships and helped to develop his character as an individual. Professor Caio and his team of qualified black belts personally oversee the students to ensure they are following our curriculum.

Jason is a notable wrestling coach, who has coached on many levels, to both male and female athletes, elementary, middle school, high school, as well as adults.