Kicksmart Kickboxing – Kids Kickboxing (W&Sat)

First Ten Minutes

Cover all safety measures which includes KickSmart’s intolerance for violence – both within or outside of the KickSmart Session. This section includes defining mindfulness and how it applies to the session – Making the connection between happiness and strenuous, yet fun, exercise. Verbally making  KickSmart’s mission statement understandable to the students works to strengthen the outcome of the program. Before Kicksmart begins, we will do a two-minute guided meditation to both relax them and get them pumped up!

Thirty Five Minutes

The core of this session consists of high paced Kickboxing pad-work routines combined with circuit training. Students move from one station to the next individually, and performs at the pace the KickSmart coach Sets. This is where both the fun and exhaustion occurs, and verbal encouragement to finish strong takes place. There is no competition between students, just personal goal setting.

Last Five Minutes

This is the personal reflection and mindfulness check-in section of the session, which includes another guided meditation but also leaves room for the students to learn to be mindful on their own. The goal here is to help participants be mindful of any mood transitions that may have taken place, and helps them to reflect on how they felt during the workout, and finally how they feel at that moment. We do a closing circle and appreciations, and the session is done! Whew!