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    Mixed Martial Arts Training Center
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    World class coaches on site lending decades worth of combined knowledge.
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    Functional MMA
    Dynamic range of training for effective mma skills.
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    Strength and conditioning classes available!
  • PFMMA's New Champ
    Derrick Easterling Wins Gold at URCC 29

544 Cleveland Ave, Albany, CA 94710


Take a look at our schedule on the site and you’ll notice that we have many different things going on. Our goal is to have something for everyone, and we have developed a schedule so people can fit at least one class into their busy week.

  1. Positive & Encouraging Attitude

    At Performance Fitness & MMA we’re happy to take on anyone who wants to train with us. We’re serious about getting you to the top of your game and if you see yourself as becoming a UFC fighter someday then we can help you get there. At the same time though, we’re not going to punish you if you’re just here to have some fun and tone up and we can accommodate people from all backgrounds and with all kinds of goals.

    Let’s be honest: some gyms and boxing clubs can be pretty intimidating with all that testosterone flying around. PFMMA is not like that – come and see for yourself!

  2. Professional Fight Team

    If you’re at all interested in pursuing a career as a fighter then this is the place to come and train. Our coaches include current and past professional UFC fighters and so we know exactly the kind of training you need and the steps you need to take to realize those goals. Or maybe you want to be an underwear model or a stuntman? As experts in strength and conditioning and nutrition, we can help you with that too!

  3. Wide Variety Of MMA

    We have a huge range of different classes that include boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, and general fitness sessions. That ensures that there’s something here from everyone and you’re welcome no matter your level of experience. 

  4. Enhanced Confidence

    One of the most important things you can gain from training in martial arts is confidence. Becoming a martial artist shows you how to take care of yourself and that alone is enough to make you feel much more confident. Add to that the discipline you’ll learn and the physical strength you’ll develop and you’ll find it helps you to become a more rounded and confident individual.

  5. You’ll Feel Great

    If you’ve never tried going to a martial arts class then we highly recommend you do it at least once. If you spend all day hunched over at a desk in an office or a classroom, then your body is probably crying out for a bit of physical activity. Getting sweaty, hitting some pads and learning to take care of yourself feels great and you’ll find you’re hooked almost instantly. Partly it’s the endorphins, partly it’s the fact that you’ll get the best night’s sleep you’ve had in years… but mostly it’s just the thrill of getting up on your feet and doing something active to build yourself into a stronger person.